Who We Are

We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to bringing novel treatments to people who suffer from migraine and other debilitating conditions. Our initial product candidate is STS101 (dihydroergotamine (DHE) nasal powder), which we are focused on developing as an important and differentiated therapeutic option for the acute treatment of migraine.

Since our inception in 2016, we have focused on combining great science, cutting-edge technology and proven drug therapies to create improved therapeutic products that address the significant unmet needs of patients.

Our team has extensive experience successfully developing, manufacturing and commercializing pharmaceutical products within both large and small companies, and we have particular expertise in the area of drug-device combination products delivered via inhalation.

We have collectively contributed to the development, manufacturing, and/or commercialization of more than 50 approved drug products, including 15 approved drug-device combination products, 13 of which are delivered via inhalation.

Our Values

Our actions are driven by our values:

We are Patient-focused. We are Collaborative. We are Innovative. We are Science-driven. We act with Integrity.

Our Mission

At Satsuma Pharmaceuticals, our mission is to create, develop and commercialize innovative therapeutic products that meaningfully improve the lives of people living with migraine and other debilitating conditions.

Our Name

Our name, “Satsuma Pharmaceuticals” alludes to the origin of the novel dry-powder drug delivery technologies incorporated in STS101. These technologies were initially invented and developed by a team working at Satsuma co-founder Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd. in Kagoshima, Japan. Historically, during the pre-modern Tokugawa period in Japan, Kagoshima was known as the Satsuma Domain and considered one of the most powerful and prominent of Japan’s feudal domains. Similar to our cultural values, the leadership of the Satsuma Domain maintained a keen interest in technology, innovation and external ideas and thinking. Originally exported from the Satsuma/Kagoshima area to the U.S. and today known as one of the sweetest of all citrus fruits, the satsuma orange embodied in our logo signifies our company’s Japanese roots.